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You've built a successful Web3 community with a huge social media following?

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We're experienced product and software builders who work with big brands and niche artists alike to define and grow the Web3 experience.

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So why us? We've built some impressive things in web3...

Sprite Club 🍄

The first ever choose your own adventure NFT mint
Sprite Club has one of the most unique minting experiences in the NFT space. It was the first ever choose-your-own-adventure mint, where the Sprite NFT you got was determined by your answers to the quiz.

We joined the Sprite Club team when it was just an early concept and implemented everything technical to the point where their first drop completely minted out netting over $1.5m in ETH! We built an incredibly gas efficient custom contract and made it extendable for their future in-world experiences.

Cold Blooded Creepz 🦎

Building out a creepy web3 universe
The ever-growing Creepz universe is one of the most engaging experiences in web3. We joined their team shortly before their genesis mint and have since implement some incredible experiences.

With Creepz we used our past experience to help scale to on and off-chain experiences which were seamless for users and the rest of the team.

Mint Media 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

A next-generation token-gated community
Mint Media is a new age Web3 community - all online and powered by NFTs. We helped the team transition from a private discord to a token-gated community with a clean contract and minting experience and elegant discord token-gating.

Rude Boys 🎨

A web3-native 3D art collection
Trym Ruud created the first ever 3D collectible toys nft on Ethereum in 2021. We helped to build out the Rude Boys experience by creating a custom minting and management solution for the NFTs, an amazing collector experience via the Hub and a first-of-its-kind rewards system for dedicated collectors.

Here's what we've built for ourselves...

We've been building in web3 for a while. We like to put our money where our mouth is an build products for ourselves too. For example, we built MillionDollarTokenPage to show just how creative NFT ownership can be.

Here are some of the other things we've built:
MillionDollarTokenPage - we built the web3 version of the original to show just how far the internet has come. It's a great use case for showing the power of NFTs 🚀
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Token Hunt - behind most of the products we build is our mega database of all NFT data on mainnet. TokenHunt is our visualizer for all this data 🎨
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GM - We're all part of communities, but how many of us are actually showing up everyday? GM is the easiest way for communities to show off their energy 🔥
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Web3Images - having built many dapps, we know getting ENS profile images showing was still surprisingly painful. We built this dev tool to make it trivial 🖼
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PFP Kit - when we built frames we realized they would be impossible to use without a nice UI for people to easily manage their PFPs, so we built it for everyone 🎭
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Wtchs translator - the wtchs NFT project constantly tweeted out puzzles in a made up language. We found a pattern, solved it and made a tool for everyone 🤙
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Onchain Monsters staking interface - we bought a few of these NFTs back in the day and realized there is no easy way to stake and claim "Dough", so we built it ourselves 👹
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Frames Standard - We created a brand new standard giving DAO members, alpha-group members, and NFT communities to show their allegiance to the cause without replacing their whole PFP 🖼
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Community Hub - Most NFT projects have marketplaces as their main interaction point. We created branded & customizable hubs for communities to change that 🌆
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Arthur Fox

Arthur Fox

Crypto-native! Previously in Games, VR, FinTech and startups! All-in on crypto since 2016.
Krishan Patel

Krishan Patel

Full-Stack Engineer. Previously web2 VC-backed Co-Founder and CTO with successful exit.